A Little Arctic Fox…


Fjall Raven is Swedish for Arctic Fox.  Fjall Raven is also an amazing range of clothes.  Specializing in mostly outter wear (but not strictly limited to), Fjall Raven still use the same technology and fabrics to make some of their items that they have since the 1960s.  Their “signiture” fabric, called G 1000,  is a cotton / polyester blend that is water resistant (almost waterproof) and dirt resistant.  Indeed, it was used for tent fabric for years.  I recently picked up a G 1000 cap.  I couldn’t be happier with it.  It is very quality.

The drawstring is a great way to keep it tight and warm.


Note the little Swedish flag detail…


AND it has flaps!  Usually, on other caps,  these are so clunky and unwieldy that they are a waste.  The flaps on this hat are designed wonderfully to be thin enough not to disturb wearing the hat like a cap, but folding down for perfect ear coverage when needed.


And it’s lined…


 Fjall Raven makes some quality stuff.  Functional, yet good looking.  Check them out.


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One response to “A Little Arctic Fox…

  1. Craig

    Absolutly love Fjallraven clothing!!
    THis cap is really cool and I reckon I will be buying it soon!

    I used to find it quite hard to buy Fjallraven in the UK until I found a site called Not Addicted on the t’internet.

    The address is http://www.not-addicted.co.uk and they specialise in casual clothing and they have lots of Fjallraven clothing including this G1000 cap.

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