Of Hockey and Zucchini Bread…

Good weekend, for sure.  The Missus and I got free Pens tickets for Friday night, and what I thought would be a ho-hum pre-season game was a chippy, intense, fast paced game that included three fights (so you know my Missus was stoked).  Plus, these were the best seats I’ve ever had at the Igloo…11 rows back from the glass.  It was REALLY fun, even though the Pens can’t score on power plays and we lost 4-3. 

I worked Saturday morning, but got to the pub in time to watch a barn burner of West Ham v. Liverpool.   Fortune’s Always Hiding.  We lost to the Liverpulians 3-2.  I had a lovely evening with the family where I got some produce from my in-laws CSA stash.  Part of it included a nice zucchini, which I parlayed into a great loaf of zucchini bread.  I did a slight variation of the recipe from The Compassionate Cook. 

Sunday was maxin’ and relaxin’ until my footy match at 6pm.  Good times there.  I only played one shift in the first half, but I’m still feeling it…between getting blasted in the face with ball (it looked like I was going to have a black eye, but it’s subsided nicely), my right leg feels like I either took a knock I don’t remember, or I ran a bit hard and extended something a little much.  Otherwise, brilliant…especially the win!

Now, a one day work week, and prep for an in-law house guest!


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