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“Gilbert and George takin’ the piss…”

I found this photo I snapped of the G&G exhibit in Philly a few years back.  Nice one, eh?



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Veg Agitprop #2

This probably isn’t new to anyone but me.  I stumbled across this brilliant “Defensive Omnivore Bingo” card on the JordanPattern blog (he’s one of those Vegansuaruses).  He credits it to Brian Vander Veen and his Veganachronism blog.

I had a good laugh.  Enjoy!

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Veg Agitprop

I found this image in a post over at Vegansaurus

Pretty brilliant!

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A little gem for you:

Yep!  Nice one.

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Pittsburgh Boy Made Good

Andy Warhol Hammer and Sickle Prints:






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So much…

It’s been a year this week that A Casual Web Log has been up and running.  Thanks for reading!

Last week was a busy one, for sure.  Likewise the Thursday before, I went to a hardcore show.  Check out Have Heart.  They are from Boston and they do it right.  I had never been to a show that was quite that diverse (in all areas save age!).  It was  really a great time. 

Starting on the weekend, I ran both Saturday and Sunday, played football on Monday, ran Tuesday, went to a show on Wednesday, ran Thursday and went out with my Missus on Friday. 

The show on Wednesday was another performance by my man Rick Gribenas.  He’s the best artist there is, so you should check out his work.  I got to hear a sound composition that he did and it was amazing.  I’ve been watching Rick perform (and working with // performing with him) since 1996 and the work he did last Wednesday was some of the best I’ve EVER experienced. 


These cold weather runs are something pretty amazing.  I’ve been out in the 30 degree weather this past week.  My man Intense Andy hipped me to the brilliance of long-underware beneath the running shorts.  I got them at the discount place for 2 dollars…they are nice and warm and about 47 dollars cheaper than the fancy running tights at the sporting goods place! 

I’m also getting to the odd place where if I feel like hell, I got for a run and feel better.  I always thought that was a lie.  I thought “how can exerting one’s self make one feel BETTER?”  I guess it’s a combination of factors, but being tired, having a headache, or generally feeling like crap can be dealt with sometimes by doing a bit of exercise.  Crazy.

Stay warm out there.  Oh, and thanks again for reading!  I’m happy to have a year under my belt with this!


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Weekendroadtrip: The Illadelph: Days 2 & 3

Wonderful days, wonderful weather, wonderful people.  In addition to spending time with our hosts Jim and Bex (who had homemade chocolate chip cookies there for us when we got in…is there any more hospitable way to start a stay with friends?), we got to hang out with the amazing animals that they live with (3 good dudes, to be sure, Griffin, Andy and Jake).  As if that wasn’t nice enough, we had time with friends, Drew (who I have not seen in too long of a time) and his wife Laura, and our man Justin. 

Our meeting with Drew and Laura was at New Harmony, which is my favorite Chinese eatery in Philly.  Kingdom comes in a close second, if you’re keeping score at home.  Supper that night of Scallion Pancakes, Sesame Chicken and Pheonix Chicken was balanced out with a few pieces of Walnut Shrimp and Barbecued Glazed Ribs.  Honestly, if ya can’t be stoked on the vegan options at a place like that (because, of course, all of those selections were 100% vegan) I simply don’t know what to say.  It was a very nice night.

Saturday saw a short but lovely hang out session Justin, then a trip to the Art Museum.  I had been to the building before, of course, because the museum I’m referring to are the so-called “Rocky Steps.”  I had run the steps with my man Adam Kuthe while people we didn’t know sang the Rocky Theme to us as we did so.  It is one of my treasured memories.  This time, however, we went into the museum and I was AMAZED at the collection.  I had heard for years that they had many masterworks, but I didn’t know the scale to which my informants were referring.  It was FANTASTIC.  I wasn’t excited about 15 dollars per person to see art that should be free to see, but I was glad to see it nonetheless.  Examples?

Me with a Modrain:

Me with a Rothko:

A blurry me with a Pollock:

And me with some nudes descending a staircase:

All amazing to see in person.  Their collection is fantastic.  PLUS we got see the Gilbert and George exhibit that is there for a short time on loan.  I was super excited about that.  London’s greatest known performance artists (as “living sculptures”) famous work in my own Commonwealth.  It was brilliant.

Dinner (after a bit of shopping) Saturday night was at Horizons.  Steak.  Vegan Steak.  AMAZING four star styled gourmet food.  Creme Brulee?  Beautiful.  Had it.  Chilled English Pea Soup?  A JOYOUS PHENOMENON to my senses.  Again, with vegan food this good…why bother with anything else?  Amazing. 

An early morning out (after a quick breakfast at Satellites cafe a nice little coffee shop with beautiful drinks and food in West Philly) and we were off…to the LEAST traffic I’ve EVER encountered leving the 5th largest city in this country.  AMAZING. 

My Missus and I by the stream in York:

Thank you friends. 

Our benevolent hosts…clearly wowed by the art:

This was a wonderful weekend.

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