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A Bag… (lesson in understated style)

*********NOTE – The photographs of this bag don’t do it justice.  I’m not the best photographer in the world, and this shows it, for sure.  Do yourself a favor and go over to Moopshop.com to have a good look at this great stuff***********

Moop bags is a fantastic little shop based right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I love that they are quality, local and that they look cool.  You can check out their website at http://www.moopshop.com or by clicking here.

I have The Messenger.  My Missus bought it for me a month or so ago at the Moop open house.  The simplicity, yet functionality of this very cool bag has made me very happy.  Check it out:


The inside is this brilliant red, with a large zip pouch, two open pouches and two small pen holder style pouches as well.  It also features a nice metal ring for keys and such.


There are two pouches under the snap-close flap, held together by a rivet.


The only branding is a small Moop screen print inside the bag.


I HIGHLY recommend this label.  They do tons of custom stuff, and their understated look is pure style.  They are worth it.


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