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Ben Sherman

This Ben Sherman sweater is the definition of understated. Looks good, proper construction and color (that black/grey), and branded, but VERY subtlety. I got this for a big discount at the Maxx place. Very nice.

Hard to go wrong with a classic like this.



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I have nothing to declare except for my jeans…

A good pair of denims is so versatile.  I tend to gravitate towards Levi’s 501s, OneTrueSaxon (who, say what you will about some of their more recent lines – their denims have stayed generally proper), and occasionally a pair of Ben Shermans.  Recently I’ve been getting onto the black jeans. 


And no, I don’t wash ’em often (unless I spill something staining on them).  They last a hell of a lot longer and look and feel better!



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