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Of [true] Spies and Blogs n’at…

I am quite excited about becoming part of the True Spies Blog Union.  Check out everything that the Spies do. 

Likewise, while I’m on about blogs, I have to put a plug in for two specific non-spies blogs.  Each are accessible from the list of links on this page.  Take a second to look at Dispatching the Promised Land.  My man Andy is a Kane, Penna. transplant to San Fransisco and writes wonderfully.

In addition, look at The Sunny Side of the Graveyard.  My man Jon is writing about family stuff in a drop-jaw amazing way.  It’s entertaining and interesting and heart wrenching and funny as hell (at times). 

And again, much love to the True Spies for adding my stuff.

Give ’em a look.  Cheers!



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