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No Problem


The absolute geniuses over at AK Press made this piece of treasure happen.

Utterly fantastic.


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A Summer Pant

It’s been pretty warm, to HOT in my neck of the woods recently.  These pants are actually cool enough to wear on the hottest days.

These are J Crew Essex pants.  I’ve said it about the Gap, and I also believe it about J Crew…they do about 200 things wrong for every thing they get right.  These are in the “right” column, for sure!  They are a little expensive (and I got both of these – a year apart actually! – on a discounted sale rack).  That’s one of my biggest gripes with J Crew (Along with their sizing).  Their prices are VERY high and do not reflect WHERE the pieces are made.  I mean, they had “genuine” madras shirts…made in CHINA.  WHAT?!?!?!  How was that even a thing???  And the shirts were like $90 a pop.  Ugh.  Again, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and these pants are just about PERFECT in every way for the warm months!  From the fit, to the 5 pocket detail, to lasting a while and still looking good, these are an excellent pair of pants.

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J Crew and Spring Court?

A few weeks ago I found myself padding around a J Crew.  About once every blue moon I find something in there that fits me (as a husky gentleman, they don’t exactly cater to my needs, and since they feel the way about the XXL label that most people feel about a suitcase dirty-bomb, it’s more a matter of specific cut).  Likewise, if the cut is decent, the price usually isn’t. But, as I said, every once in a while something aligns and I find something. 


 I noticed that J Crew are starting to carry Spring Court trainers.  I’ve posted about Spring Courts on here before.  See HERE.

They are a French label and they generally make very solid shoe.

  I tend to think of them as the Superga of France. 

I’m not 100% sure how I feel about something I actually deem COOL being sold there.  Strange, eh?  I mean, they sell nice watches (the classic Timex pieces) and they even sell Levi’s, so what’s the big deal?  I suppose it’s the same conundrum I’ve found about this kind of thing for years.  Availability makes certain things less special some times.  Silly. 

What I AM excited about in this development is that a decent looking shoe is available at an easy to find retailer.  So many people just fail so badly on footwear, in my humble opinion.  I think that me having to look at preppy dudes in ugly leather boat shoes, or some crap ass Nike trainer is always a bit blah, especially if they don’t look like rubbish the rest of the way.  If those folks now have a decent trainer to wear, cool.  More important to me, is that they are offering the canvass (defacto vegan!) ones for sale.  Any excuse to get people to wear less leather is pretty cool, so that IS a plus!

(And besides, next to no one around here has much style in certain matters anyway so maybe I’ll be able to find a pair on the sale table for cheap come fall! )

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I have nothing to declare except for my jeans…

A good pair of denims is so versatile.  I tend to gravitate towards Levi’s 501s, OneTrueSaxon (who, say what you will about some of their more recent lines – their denims have stayed generally proper), and occasionally a pair of Ben Shermans.  Recently I’ve been getting onto the black jeans. 


And no, I don’t wash ’em often (unless I spill something staining on them).  They last a hell of a lot longer and look and feel better!



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Burberry polo

Couple of nice Burberry polo shirts here.  These are from when they were still made in the UK.  I think some still are, but much of their stuff has been farmed out.  It’s a shame the price doesn’t reflect that.

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Summer Lyle & Scott

A few months back I found this for next to nothing (I think under 4 dollars US).  L&S make quality pieces.  This was mislabled size-wise, for sure.  I like it quite a bit:

I’m sure the eagle gets mistaken for the American Eagle Outfitters brand ’round these parts.  For some reason that’s kind of funny to me!

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A Pringle…

blogclobber 022

Years ago I found this Pringle at a thrift store for a few dollars.

blogclobber 021

Classic design.  Brilliant quality.

blogclobber 019

What you want in a classic piece, scored for next to nothing.

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