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The network morning shows always do me a treat.  This morning I learned how to not fall prey to Internet romance scammers.  The tell tale signs, according to the report, included the big three:

spelling errors

poor grammar

being asked for money repeatedly

Amazing.  I suppose that since only the first two apply to A Casual Web Log that anyone who reads this knows I’m not an Internet romance scammer. 

The whole identity theft/Internet scam/Nigerian banker stuff just makes me tired.  As anyone who knows me can tell you, I am fascinated to the point of distraction with con artists.  It’s amazing stuff, to be certain.  The Internet scamming lacks any of the intrigue, or to be far too kind, grace of certain cons of ages past.

My favorite Internet scam that was attempted on me and my family is enshrined…I still have the email hanging on the wall of this office.  A nice fellow in Cote d’Ivoire named James Duma was just trying to find people with the surname of my Missus to attempt to get us a portion of the millions of dollars we had coming to us from the unfortunate death of a wealthy person with that same surname.  Amazing.

Remember the first rule of the con: you can’t con an honest person.  That means that the moment you want to get something for nothing, you are all but fair game to the con artist.  Our friend from the Ivory Coast never got back to us, thankfully.

I suppose that one of the reasons that Internet scams of the romance angle seem so ham fisted and unwieldy to me is that there is a sense of exploiting people who want companionship.  That is sad, because those folks aren’t necessarily looking for something from nothing.  Perhaps that is one of the things that makes those particular scams seem that much more upsetting.

So, to re-cap, don’t want something for nothing…including long distance relationships on line.  And if you find yourself doing so, make sure your cyber lover knows how to spell check and knows some grammar.  Oh, that and remember it’s shady to have to send your lover that you’ve never met hundreds and/or thousands of dollars. 

 Come on…you’re better than that.



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