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All I want for…

How to answer this question.  Snow?  A Dukla Prague Away Kit? http://www.toffs.com/icat/duklaprague  A decent curry?  Peace on Earth?  The possibilities are endless.

The snow is falling in the greater-Pittsburgh area.  Thoughts of all of the above are also on the list.  (Not that I’m a BIG Dukla Prague Supporter, but, c’mon.  Half Man Half Biscuit?  Brilliant.)

In terms of a decent curry I’ve been hearing excellent reports that Tamarind in the South Hills makes some quality dishes.  I’ll have to get on that. 

Indeed, last weekend, the Missus and I had some excellent North Hills curry.  We ended up at the Taj Mahal http://www.tajmahalinc.com/ and had some excellent food.  I forget about that place.  It is quality.  I went with the Daal Makhni and I was not let down.  Lentils cooked with kidney beans.  How can that be bad?  That and a roti and I was in heaven.  As my missus says, the worst part of eating there is having to deal with the North Hills crowd.  Rough necks, all.  Nothing like yinzer chavs, pseudo richy-riches because they reside north of West View.  Gross.  At any rate, the service is always nice, and if you can stand the folks at the table next to you, you’re in for a treat!

I plan on transferring the curry reviews from the old “A Casual Affair” page over here.  In the mean time, and if a decent curry is out of reach, (which it never should be…not in this city anyway…) ruminate on finishing the following… All  I want for…


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