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It Pays to Know an International Man of Mystery

As the title above relates, it DOES. What did I find in my mailbox today? Only a beautiful Boca away kit, sent from Brooklyn, via Buenos Aires. Club Atlético Boca Juniors is an Argentine sports (futball) club based in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It just so happens that my man, Agent 19, gets around. Pretty brilliant.

And it goes well with the toque that he got me from across the street from La Bombonera a couple years back. See below.

h 021

h 022

h 023

What did I learn today? It always pays to know an International Man of Mystery. That, and those South American XXLs fit like a dream.


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Sounders FC

Bright and Brighter…

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As December Rolls On…

All sorts of holidays are droppin’.  I hope the one(s) you celebrate are fantastic.

The graphic up top is a modified 6876 thing.   6876 is a fantastic label.  I love the classic stuff and the new stuff as well.  They’ve been on my mind lately.

I’ve also been thinking about over the top looking football kits.  I’d actually LOVE these:

Above, see the Inter Milan away jersey.  This is a fantastic jersey.  A bit odd to see the St. George’s Cross on an Italian kit, but it’s brilliant.

The “mango” colored Barca kit.  I love this thing.  So over the top.

I HATE that both of these kits are from Nike.  I don’t like Nike.  The VAST majority of what they make looks like crap, their trainers are almost all trash (and look like it), and I’ve never been a fan of their approach to manufacturing and such.  I don’t really go in for much of what they do, but these kits are fantastic.


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Of Hockey and Zucchini Bread…

Good weekend, for sure.  The Missus and I got free Pens tickets for Friday night, and what I thought would be a ho-hum pre-season game was a chippy, intense, fast paced game that included three fights (so you know my Missus was stoked).  Plus, these were the best seats I’ve ever had at the Igloo…11 rows back from the glass.  It was REALLY fun, even though the Pens can’t score on power plays and we lost 4-3. 

I worked Saturday morning, but got to the pub in time to watch a barn burner of West Ham v. Liverpool.   Fortune’s Always Hiding.  We lost to the Liverpulians 3-2.  I had a lovely evening with the family where I got some produce from my in-laws CSA stash.  Part of it included a nice zucchini, which I parlayed into a great loaf of zucchini bread.  I did a slight variation of the recipe from The Compassionate Cook. 

Sunday was maxin’ and relaxin’ until my footy match at 6pm.  Good times there.  I only played one shift in the first half, but I’m still feeling it…between getting blasted in the face with ball (it looked like I was going to have a black eye, but it’s subsided nicely), my right leg feels like I either took a knock I don’t remember, or I ran a bit hard and extended something a little much.  Otherwise, brilliant…especially the win!

Now, a one day work week, and prep for an in-law house guest!

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In general I’m pretty useless without my Missus around.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m an adult.  I can take care of myself in a general way.  I’m a pretty good cook, I know how to keep clean, I remember to feed the cats.  I cover all other major bases, but there is something off about it.  It all gets done, but not as well as when she is around.  Don’t believe me?  Ask anyone I’ve ever been on tour with.  My level of sanity is directly connected to my being able to spend time with my wife.  I’m very happy that she is back today!

That said, the week was probably as good as it could have been.  I did get to do two runs.  My Tuesday run was a good 3 mile outing.  It was solid.  My Friday am run was a quick one…maybe 1 1/2 miles.  I wanted to get out and do a bit of something, but not really push it.  In addition I played football on Wednesday night, and that really took it out of me.  It was a good practice.  I was in at right back.  We played for just over 60 minutes, which is about all for me at this point, I think.  I had a great match, but I was exhausted afterwards.

Of course in addition to this, work is still nuts.  I’m still doing what amounts to the “two full time jobs” thing.  It will be over in three weeks and it can’t come soon enough!

This week my West Ham United Football Club face off against Newcastle and I am excited to see our new gaffer Zola at the helm.  I hope Newcastle are still so scattered from all the drama their club is dealing with that we give them a solid drubbing.  Who knows.  It’s a funny old game.  Here’s to hope.  Fortune’s always hiding.

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The Working Life…

Work is going full steam ahead.  For the next 5 weeks, I basically have two full time jobs.  this means I’m in for a WHOLE LOT of commuting, one day that starts at 11am and ends at 10 pm and another that starts at 8:30am and ends at 10pm.  My mantra is “five weeks.”  Really it’s not so bad.  When I’m not working I find myself not thinking about work because I’m using the time to DO something else, which is nice.  Oddly enough, footy practice on Wednesday nights has not been disrupted by the schedule change.  It was because of this that I found myself, on an early September evening earlier this week…the summer sun setting and a warm evening approaching…driving home listening to The Clash way too loud thinking to myself how very good it all is.  Indeed.

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The Running…

I’ve been very busy over the last few days.  Time off between work details has been full of all kinds of chores, errands and visits from friends.  All of these things have been wonderful.  One thing I have had time to do is run, oddly enough.  I was commenting to my Missus last night that it seems to have become a habit…formed over the last five months…and I just do it without a whole lot of thought now.  That’s not to say that it’s easy, but it is good.  Last week I ended up doing four days in a row, which was a little rough on my calves.  Extended stretching helps a lot.  Yesterday I played a game of footy.  It was just a friendly, not for league play…I was in between the pipes and I AM RUSTY.  The lads on the team were more than understanding and even though my performance was rough at best I was still thanked and even given a player of the match certificate at the pub afterwards.  Silly?  Yes.  Will I frame it and hang it up in my home?  YES.  At any rate, after all that I even took a short run after the match yesterday.  Crazy.

Why so much?  This coming Saturday morning, I will be running my first 5K.  This is really what I’ve been in training for since April.  Most folks could take 5 months to train for a marathon, but for me…well, my sights are considerably lower than that.  I have no delusions here.  This is to stave off the sugar-beetus.  Likewise, it gets me marginally more fit for footy.  That’s it. 

So, I have a crazy week of new work, social obligations and training for Saturday.  Now, it’s nose to grindstone time if you don’t mind…

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