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Fred Perry button up

I got this red/white checkered button up Fred Perry quite a while ago (must be at least 5 years now).  I LOVE this shirt so much.  Like almost all of the Fred Perry stuff I’ve come across it lasts and keeps looking correct.

Single pocket. I love the light blue (“ice” I think they call it) of the wreath on the pocket.



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Sometimes a good zip through track top is perfect.  I love ’em!

Bit of Fred here.  Got 2 for free, 1 for cheap.  These wear hard and still look good.  Again…love ’em!


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Warmer Weather? Shorter Sleeve?

Yup, it’s almost thinking about getting warmer in my neck of the woods, which means short sleeves.  Short sleeves means a good excuse to break out the Fred Perry.

That’s your friendly neighborhood blog writer person there…in a pub in San Francisco…I was watching some (non-Penguins) hockey on the TV…hence the expression on the face.  At any rate, a bit of the Fred Perry is always nice. 

They wear well; they wear hard.  They don’t stretch out after washing and get faded right away.  Quality.  Classics.

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