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I love hostas.  They are my only real garden interest.  I like lookingat other stuff (roses, daffodils etc) but the only thing I try my hand at growing are hostas.  Why?  They are forgiving!  They are so very hardy it’s kind of difficult to do something wrong.  That’s good, for me, anyways.  What you see above is my little patch of hostas.  I currently have about 10 different varieties.  Believe me…that’s nothing.  Wanna blow your hosta-lovin’ mind?  Check this out:  http://www.hostalibrary.org/

There are literally thousands of varieties of this beauties.  Below you’ll see another view of my patch.  Of the nearest two you see, the one on the left is a variety called Happy Camper and the one on the right is a variety called Mack the Knife (note the sharper leaves on that one).

Below are my two newest hosta acquisitions.  First is The Gold Standard Hosta:


Next you’ll see the Halycon (plantain lily) Hosta (note the blue tint to the leaves…BRILLIANT!):

There you go.  another of my passions.  And, yes, it’s true.  I made a “hosta map” so I know which is which.  I LOVE IT!



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