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Obligatory Hosta Post!

Each year I do at least one specific hosta post.  I’d like to do more, but really…Hostas?  Who cares about Hostas???  I think, if anyone is kind enough to look at this blog this is one of the LAST things they look at it for!  That said, I’m VERY excited about my hosta patch this year.  I worked my butt off but I expanded it by about double the size.  It’s also AMAZING what a little mulch can do.

In the above photo, everything up to the tree is NEW!  That’s a lot of digging and hauling of sod…by hand!  Ugh.  Still, I think it was worth it for sure.  I got an opportunity to spread out some hostas I had, plus I planted a bunch of new ones.

Above you’ll see the “original” patch.

I’m REALLY excited about the hosta in the picture above.  He’s a little rough around the edges, but that’s my Blue Mouse Ears!  I’ve wanted one for a few years and my fantastic Mother-in-law got me this one!  Blue Mouse Ears was named Hosta of the Year a few years back.  I can see why.  I’ll be really happy when this one gets settled and comes back full force.  Next summer he should be even more of a beauty!

Above see a couple of my larger guys close up.  I really like these guys!

Well, there you have it…another obligatory Casual Weblog Hosta Post!  I do love ’em!


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Of strange sounds and more!

Sound around my house is really wierd.  There is a building across two empty lots next to my house and the echo that happens from that is pretty intense.  I can never guage where any sound is coming from.  It makes the day to day exciting!

I’m working on a new run training program that has upped my runs to 5 a week.  I’ve been flirting with that situation for a few weeks now, so the transition has been pretty easy.  It looks something like this:

M – off
T – 4.5 miles
W – 6 miles
R – 4.5 miles
F – off
S – 2 miles
S- 6 + miles

The days off are sweet.  I’m trying to keep busy those days too, either cycling or getting back into a little informal boxing training.  This is the optimum situation.  I’m sure I’ll end up adjusting it as the weeks continue.  I’ve signed up for the Run Around the Square.  I’m excited to revisit that 5K!

The hostas are in love with the rainof the last few days.  They look happy and healthy!

The world continues to spin.  I listen to Ida and Bob Tilton.  Keep moving.

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Hosta Fest 2009


I expanded the Hosta Patch the other day.  As I posted earlier, digging up the sod was HARD, but I think it’s worth it.  The new part is probably 5 feet by 4 feet  or so.  I just eyeballed it.  I needed to transplant a few plants (including the Happy Camper and the Mac the Knife – both in the upper right of the patch), and then I planted the four new guys I got:









These are some sweet variegated species!  June and Olive Bailey have both been Hosta of the Year in the past, so I was very happy to get those.  The Big Daddy is a great blue! 

Hopefully everyone will be happy and thrive!

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I love hostas.  They are my only real garden interest.  I like lookingat other stuff (roses, daffodils etc) but the only thing I try my hand at growing are hostas.  Why?  They are forgiving!  They are so very hardy it’s kind of difficult to do something wrong.  That’s good, for me, anyways.  What you see above is my little patch of hostas.  I currently have about 10 different varieties.  Believe me…that’s nothing.  Wanna blow your hosta-lovin’ mind?  Check this out:  http://www.hostalibrary.org/

There are literally thousands of varieties of this beauties.  Below you’ll see another view of my patch.  Of the nearest two you see, the one on the left is a variety called Happy Camper and the one on the right is a variety called Mack the Knife (note the sharper leaves on that one).

Below are my two newest hosta acquisitions.  First is The Gold Standard Hosta:


Next you’ll see the Halycon (plantain lily) Hosta (note the blue tint to the leaves…BRILLIANT!):

There you go.  another of my passions.  And, yes, it’s true.  I made a “hosta map” so I know which is which.  I LOVE IT!


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