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COLD day in my neck of the woods. Mr. Simon knows how to keep warm. You do the same, OK?


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Eskdale by Barbour

I had my eye on one of these for a while, and totally by chance I stumbled on one in a local “vintage” shop. This place usually prices stuff WAY high, so I was AMAZING when, for under $20 USD I walked away with a brand new red Barbour Eskdale.

Fits well, looks dead proper, is all vegan materials and was made in England. Score.

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Wishlist: Cabourn Jacket

I ran across this wax cotton “cameraman” jacket.  I’m not a huge Cabourn fanatic, but this is a treat.  I really like the look of this one:

I do like this one.  Bit out of my price range, but that’s why it’s on the wishlist!

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Antler Bomber // old time family stuff

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now.  This is a sentimental piece.  This jacket has been around my parents house for probably 30 years (or more). 

I think there is an old driver’s licence featuring my brother wearing this jacket from probably 1982 or so.  I needed something to wear to the work sites I was working at over the last few months, and I found this in the back of an upstairs closet while visiting my Dad last fall.

You’ll notice a bit of the sewing technique my Mum had.  She “installed” these large strips of velcro to the front to keep this thing closed.  I guess my Dad and Brother complained of wind getting in the jacket with the old closures.

Big hood, too:

I’m retiring this guy, though.  It served me well on the cold mornings, but the down insulation is coming out.  It’s time to call it.  I was glad to give it a spin.  Nostalgic jacket with family ties.


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Timbos anywhere but on my toes…

blogclobber 004

I’m not really tied to certain labels.  I dig certain looks, and if I find something that I dig, I go with it.  That’s one of the reasons I have some sweet Timberland stuff.  I tend to find Timberland pieces, usually on the cheap, and some of it looks proper.  When it does, sometimes I go with it. 

blogclobber 005

This orange jacket is a great find.  Really nice with some good technical bits and bobs (mesh liner, velcro cuffs, covered zips, well constructed hood and brim etc.).  I also like that there is only a tiny bit of branding, which is the same color as the jacket. 

blogclobber 007

Check the tiny reflective deal on the sleeve.  Small and understated…if anything can be understated on an orange jacket!

blogclobber 009

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Lacoste Jacket

I found this Lacoste piece a year or so ago.  Really nice piece here.  Good wind breaker / light jacket kind of deal here.

blogclobber 012

It’s got a nice soft jersey liner, which adds a bit of warmth.

blogclobber 010

Nice collar and good details.

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Classic Adidas Sportswear and Running…

Last night I got in a 5K in exactly 29 minutes.  I actually remembered my watch!  I’m not getting a lot quicker, but it’s getting easier, that’s for sure.  Dinner: big glass of OJ and apples!  Nice.

In the spirit of running I thought I’d post a classic:

blogclobber 013

Here’s the Adidas Firebird Track Top.  Classic, branded, but somehow proper and not over the top.  The pockets zip shut.  It’s the details.  Perfect with nice denims over a t-shirt or short sleeved polo.

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