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May Day, That Old Beltane Feeling

I realized recently that this blog has been neglected.  Indeed, the last time I posted anything was at the Solstice.  Ugh.  Now I’m posting at May Day, so it looks like I’m some neo-pagan.  Hmmmm. 

First of all, happy May Day to all.  There’s nothing like a true PEOPLE’S HOLIDAY to make the heart flutter.  Recently I’ve been taken with the notion that May Dayhas changed over the years.  My own informal research shows the holiday shifting from the early Celts celebrating the Springtime via the Sun God Bel, to a “pagan” catchall for many years afterward, to the industrial era, where the celebrations shifted to working people, to the last few years where MayDay has meant workers AND immigrant rights.  My favorite holiday next to the Yuletide Christmas celebrations would have to be May Day.  I love Thanksgiving,  because having a huge vegan T-Giving feast has become a tradition and redefining what that means is always a great time. 

Since the dead of winter a lot has happened.  Five months is a long time and lots has occurred.  Probably the biggest thing for me is that I’ve started exercising more than I ever have.  I feel like I was painted into a corner with it.  My doctor told me that I needed to do more physical activities to build the good cholesterol in my body.  Likewise I had to make a few dietary shifts to stave off some kind of sugar issue.  Being vegan, the idea of “low-carb” is just silly to me, but I have been cutting back.  I normally only rock the brown rice now, I only have 2 slices of toast at one sitting and I am down to potatoes once a week.  My love of taters is epic and I could eat them every day at every meal and be happy.  Likewise, toast is sublime.  Cutting back has been an interesting time.  It has also coincided with my wife dealing with salt issues.  My cooking has been  through some changes.  Overall, it’s been nothing but good. 

Stay tuned.  The next post will be about the exercise part of the last five months.


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