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Sometimes I get a little frustrated, as I’m sure we all do, with the state of so many things in life moving at seemingly different directions at the same time.  Example?  Think about Lumber Liquidators (a flooring company) that widely advertises on both NPR (through “under writing,” of course…the NPR crowd would NEVER call it an advertisement…c’mon)…AND the Rush Limbaugh Show.  At odds?  Covering all bases?  Either way, my head spins a bit. 

Further examples abound.  Last night I saw a group of nursing students assembled in a prking lot (I knew who they were…proximity to educational institution, all wearing scrubs) all busy smoking and eating bags of take away McDonald’s food.  Indeed, something there might smack of pulling at the ends of itself, if you catch my meaning.

Or perhaps my realization that a woman at my work DRIVES the 1/4 mile down the street to have lunch at home, rather than walk it on a beautiful August day.  (I would say perhaps she has some mobility issues, but she often outpaces me on her trips to the smoking area outside to catch a puff.)  And, yes it was warm, but it wasn’t even raining!  Oh well.

Perhaps I can find solace in the fact that this morning on one of those wretched morning chat shows i often expose myself to the subject of “babysitting co-ops” came up.  That seems like a surprisingly radical concept for “The Early Show” to delve into, but I’m not complaining.  Likewise, annoying yuppies getting into Community Assisted Agriculture (CSA) still bolsters CSA. Even if these folks feel the need to throw around terms like “localvore” at least they are doing something, right?



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Oh Messy Life…the annoyance factor…

Certain things really get to me.  Some are understandable, so less so.  I realize that I’m much less of a crank about most things now than in the past, so that’s good, but over the last few days I’ve been seemingly pelted by things from local and national media that have annoyed me…a lot.

It started with seeing a video for the band All American Rejects the other day in which the drummer is wearing a Filth shirt.  I remember seeing that and being really put off by it a year or more ago.  Maybe I’m just completely wrong, but I am hard pressed to find a band that fits LESS with the alterna-video culture than Filth.  Filth was the band, remember, that tossed razor blades out into the crowd at a show at Gilman.  Seeing that video always rubs me wrong.

Much, MUCH more than that, however, was Good Morning America this morning.  Here is a link to the story I’m refering to:


This story was such a pile of crap.  This guy went from eating 5,000 calories a day to eating 1,400 a day, and he did it at McDonald’s.  Over the last 6 months this guy lost 86 pounds.  They showed his vanity plates on his car that used to say “OLDNFAT”” and now his new one that says “MCFIT”.  There was NO mention of ANY exercise at all…simply diet changes.  The article (and the story on the program) made a point of saying how this “flies in the face” of Spurlock’s “Supersize Me.”  NO IT DOES NOT.  This guy is eating salads and apples.  Spurlock was eating burgers and supersized fries.  It is nowhere near the same thing. 

This kind of dodgy reporting is simply irresponsible.  It pisses me off.

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