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A Couple of Good Looks Here




Images swiped from Trashness.


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Some good looks




Lifted from Trashness.com



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I posted a while ago on this blog about my relationship with ties. It seems that any time/place/job that I am expected or forced to wear a tie, I never want to…but anytime I don’t HAVE to I’m more than happy to. I guess it’s remnants of Catholic school…and still being a stubbourn punk after all these years. I’ll probably end up doing more tie posts in the future, but I’m really into the good quality cotton ties that look a bit wooly. Plus, below you’ll see my skull tie. A bit St. Pauli there. I also think that bow ties are a fantastic alternative, and I’m stoked that I know how to tie one.

Not the greatest, photo…sorry…light was failing me, but still. Nice., eh? The 3rd one in is a sweet Brooks Bros. cotton bowtie I scored at a deep discount…it’s one of the smaller bowties…with a kind of pointed end. Good tie tips…light color ties with dark shirts are nice. Wear them when you don’t have to.

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I’ve started wearing ties around now and then. I stayed away from ties for years.  I blamed it on having to wear one every day to highschool.  I’ve never been a huge fan of “having” to do something, so when I wasn’t being forced to, I didn’t.  Then, years later, I found myself teaching in middle and highschools, so I wore them again, but for work…again “having” to.  Now I don’t HAVE to wear them at all, and (much like an annoying 16 year old) because I don’t HAVE to, I don’t mind it!

Sometimes it’s to work, sometimes it’s just out and about.  At any rate, my friend Jim hipped me to a FANTASTIC source for non-silk ties. Jaan J. is where it’s at.


Jaan J. is a brilliant company that specializes in vegan ties.  They also sell pocket squares, cuff links, hajib pins, tie clips, ascots, bow ties and necklaces.  I ordered a few ties from these folks and they are BRILLIANT.  Beautiful ties, and amazingly fast shipping.  The ties lay perfectly and look PROPER.  They have about a million styles to choose from, so everything from cotton skinny ties to silk-like formal ties (wide and skinny, from plain to patterned – solids to stripes, dots, florals and plaids…) they have it all.  They even do custom work.  Brilliant stuff.  Check them out HERE for more info!

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