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As December rolls on I find myself re-discovering my inner nerd.  (He never left, of course…it’s just that now it’s OVERT.)  Evenings at home read like a Kevin Smith daydream…watching hockey, reading graphic novels, watching movies about graphic novels. 

…Yeah…I know. 

I’ve always LOVED the idea of the superhero Dare Devil.  He is the man without fear, after all!  Plus, he was a working class kid…the books (and the first part of the film) have great imagery of boxing and Catholicism.  It’s really good.  I also feel that I need to train myslef to read graphic novels.  I’m not that good at it!  I find it hard, so this is good practice!  I’m used to more words, so I gloss over the pictures, but I’m getting better.  Plus, the guy at the comic store was actually REALLY nice and helpful.  I was kind of expecting a bit of an attitude (you know…the way many folks at record stores act…) but he was super nice and really helpful.  He steered me to the Frank Miller era of Dare Devil.  I love it.  I’ve also been really into watching old X-Files DVDs.  They are amazing…even better than I remember them being!

So, aside from nerding out to critical mass proportions, I’ve been running pretty well.  Yesterday was intense.  25 degrees with a 17mph wind!  Man.  It was good run.  I did the full 3.2 miles, as well.  It looks like no 5K for me this month, so I’m just going to keep up my own schedule. 

I am actually quite happy it’s winter time in Pittsburgh.  I like the cold well enough.  Plus, I’m excited about Christmas.  Some years the thought simply doesn’t move me, but this year it does and I’m super excited!  I’ve already done most of my shopping, and gift prep.  Plus the Missus and I did some excellent decking of the hall last weekend, including the procurement of a new small tree!  Woo Hoo!  It’s a bit skinny, but I dig it!  It’s only 4 feet high, so it can live on a table top.  Iam STOKED.  I’m finding that less is more in terms of X-Mas decor.

In addition to all of the above obsessions I’ve been into listening to more music than I have in recent weeks.  The hit parade:

Gorilla Biscuits
Inside Out
Have Heart

In non-hardcore terms it’s been:

The Ex
Anthony Hamilton
Everything But The Girl
Christmas Music!!!

More soon!



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