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Old & (New) Balance…

Posting about my old ass New Balance 587s made me want to get more on here about New Balance.  I dig them.  They are better than most, for sure.  They have some sense of manufacture in the industrialized world, if you are concerned with such things.  My only gripe is that most of the USA/UK made stuff is leather.  At any rate:

587,                 498,                        574s,                    578


OLD 498s.  Mostly for yard work and painting and such, yet still holding together strong!

574s.  A bit Captain America in the colorway, but I like them.  I got them on the cheap, too!

Triple Wheat 574s.  Proper.

Triple Blue 574s.

578s.  Again, acquired on the clearance rack.  Good thing nobody around here likes decent trainers!

Solid stuff.




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