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I have nothing to declare except for my jeans…

A good pair of denims is so versatile.  I tend to gravitate towards Levi’s 501s, OneTrueSaxon (who, say what you will about some of their more recent lines – their denims have stayed generally proper), and occasionally a pair of Ben Shermans.  Recently I’ve been getting onto the black jeans. 


And no, I don’t wash ’em often (unless I spill something staining on them).  They last a hell of a lot longer and look and feel better!




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A favorite…


Another piece from OneTrue Saxon.  Brilliant coat.  Fully taped seams, high neck, and brillaint hood.


Again, fine detailing from the Casual Tailor.  Nothing like sartorial detailing to make the day brighter.  In this case we have a zip up secondary lining.  When ziped in, the coat is double thickness.  When zipped out the coat is a longer, almost 3/4 trench length.  That’s not my thing, so i don’t wear it unzipped.


I love the color of this thing.  It’s aging well…always nice in a coat. 


Seven pockets plus lined handwarmers.  BRILLIANT.

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OTS 3.0

More OneTrue Saxon gear.  This zip through hoodie is a good one.  VERY warm, this…almost like a fleece lining.  Thick, too. 





Of course the detail is the mask that is IN the hood. 



Pretty nice all around.

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OTS 2.0


A little while back, OneTrue Saxon put out some stellar zip-through hoodies, or variations there-on.  This one is one of my favorites.  It is an asymmetrical zip with a super high collar.  When work zipped up, you get what is essentially a mask…like this:


This piece is heavier than your average hoodie.  Nice.


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This is a nice light jacket by OneTrue Saxon.  It is vaguely Harrington-esque, but differs in some major ways.  This piece is great for rainy days, and excellent for travel.  There are 6 large pockets to hold all you can fit and more.


OTS has some quality in their lines, for sure.

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