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Tennis anyone? // What’s on the BBC?

About a month ago, Q and I started playing tennis again.  I say “again” because we used to play with at least a little frequency back in the bad old days at York College of Pennsylvania.  In addition to the other stuff I’ve been doing (footy, running, boxing training) this has been a welcome addition.  For the first few weeks it was ROUGH on the legs.  The kind of running that one does on a tennis court is intense.  There is a lot of back and forth and short bursts of running.  It’s quite good for the footy!

I’ve gotten back into listening to BBC radio comedy and chat on the computer.  Specifically I’m listening to The News Quiz.  For those of you who don’t know anything about Jeremy Hardy (who is one of the panelists), do yourself a favor and check him out.  He’s definitely a radical.  He has red leanings and no doubt he has a history of leftist ideology and culture.  The thing is, unlike most so-called “progressive” folks who attempt to be funny, Hardy is AMAZINGLY funny.  He is possibly the funniest man I’ve ever heard.  He used to have a show called Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation, which was a comedy lecture.  Amazing.

My other all time favorite BBC show would have to be Lenin of the Rovers, which was this INSANE and AMAZING comedy about “Britain’s first communist football team.”  This was an Alexi Sayles production (if you remember Sayles from The Young Ones, as the Russian landlord (Mike the Bastard, I believe.)  Lenin of the Rovers hasn’t been on for a while, but it should come around again. 

Old Harry’s Game is another good time.  It’s a radio comedy set in hell between Satan and an atheist who doesn’t believe he’s there.  Brilliant. 

Tennis and the Beeb.  Geeze. 


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