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Wing Boot


Wingtip Boot. Called the “Jeremy” and all accidentally vegan. Comfortable as hell, actually. Not breaking the bank on these, which is nice. Worth looking into.


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Double Monk

My kingdom for a vegan pair of these:


*Image lifted from Trashness.com



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Monk Shoe

I’m not sure WHY Monk Shoes are called Monk Shoes, but I love the way they look. A bit formal, a bit casual…kind of proper with anything…I’ve had this pair for AGES, and it’s a testament to getting good quality footwear. These are the Vegetarian Shoes brand Monk Shoes. Like I said, I’ve had them for ever…I’m not 100% sure they’re still offered from that brand. Aside from these being AMAZINGLY well made (In England, actually), the one thing that I will say about them is that the soles are quite hard, and a pair of decent in-soles (Dr. Scholes or whatever) are a must for comfort.

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Desert Boots

I took the plunge and went for a pair of Vegetarian Shoes Desert Boots.  These are AMAZING. I LOVE them.  They look great, and feel good. Perfect for casual or not-so-casual wear.  Excellent for the warmer months, too.

The veggie suede is supple and brilliant.  The soft, velveteen lining on the bottom, and thin corduroy of the inside are all fantastic.

The thick rubber sole on these is just about perfect.  (pardon the dirt on ’em…it’s what I get for not taking photos when they were box fresh!)

The sizing is a little big (like with most Vegetarian Shoes lines), but not so much to be an issue.  I tie them tight and get no adverse rubbing or discomfort.  REALLY sharp shoe here.  EXCELLENT work to the folks over at Vegetarian Shoes!


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Old // New Footwear

I found these shoes at a discount place years ago.  They are kind of a Clarks knock-off made of vinyl.  The tread are super thick, so they are nice in the winter, but they work any time.  I haven’t worn these much recently, so it’s make due and mend…nothing new in, but they are almost like new to me.


Paired with a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans, and the sisal rug in the dining room.

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