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Footy: Euro 2008

I’ve been quiet about the Euro 2008 tournament going on. 


It’s finally down to the knockout stages.  I’ve had the opportunity to see many of the matches and I’m happy to say that my two favorites are still in the mix.  At the outset (and with England failing to qualify) I threw my support behind Germany.  As a second team, I wanted to look out for Holland. 

Germany is playing against Portugal later on today, and Holland has been generally unstoppable.  Watching the orange-clad Dutch has been a joy.  For the sheer enjoyment and entertainment they have been wonderful.  Germany had a good first match, a rough second and a good third.  Michael Ballack’s lightning strike of a free kick…


that was the goal in the third match was fantastic.  Now, if they can just do that against the Portugal side today!

Russia looks good, as does Croatia.  Russia has played some entertaining footy, especially against the Swedes yesterday. 

I’m lucky to be able to watch so much of this tournament.  I am also lucky that it has been this good so far.  I hope the knock out stages are as entertaining and brilliant as the group stages have been.

C’mon Deutschland!!!!

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“We Spend All Day…”

What a Sunday.  Being the last day of the EPL season I spent the whole day (7:45am – 3:45pm) in my local pub watching footy and generally having a wonderful time.  I caught up on some newspaper reading and had a generally fantastic time.  The cinder in the stew, if there was one, was that the line up of televised matches was incorrect and I didn’t get to see West Ham play the last match of the season.  I know the result ( a 2-2 draw with Aston Villa) and with Tottenham losing to L’pool, my beloved Hammers finish the season in 10th place!  That’s a far cry from the great escape from relegation last season!  All credit to Curbs, and all credit to the new kids, Sears and Thompkins.  Here’s to the hope that we keep ’em around for next season.

After the pub I went home for a few hours, and then I dropped in on a show.  I had yet to experience Belevedere’s in Lawrenceville.  Everyone I spoke with said I was “lucky” because of it.  It’s just a dive bar with a space for bands in the back.  The sound isn’t that bad, but the smoking indoors is rough on me.  I’m just not used to it anymore.

I missed Caustic Christ and caught half of the other locals, Brain Handle.  I kind of only wanted to see Hard Skin, but in a switch move, Fucked Up from Toronto played 3rd, so I got to see them.  I’m not 100% sold on that band, but I was totally entertained by the antics of the singer.  It had been a long time since I laughed that much at a band. Their music goes back and forth from a Black Flag-esque hardcore, to, as a friend of mine deftly put it “Coldplay with a monster singing.”  And that was perfect wording for it!

Hard Skin was worth it, though.  I haveredabout going, and it was worth it, if for no other reason than to see them play.  They sound great (even though the mics were total rubbish…actually, it was embrassinglybad at times).  Even with the soud issues, of which the band made jokes (and made me laugh till the point of tears), they played a great set and I had a wonderful time.  Viva Hard Skin.

Ahhhh…to live the dream…8 hours down the pub with your mates, home for a nice supper, then of to see the Oi! music.  Wow.  What a Sunday.  What has become of me?

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The following comes from 27 Feb. 2007.  The reference to the West Ham v. Charlton match is from the 2006/2007 season. 

It was Michel Platini who said “Football is made up of mistakes, because a perfect match is 0-0.”

By that logic West Ham only made 4 mistakes in their last match against Charlton.  However, it was a thrashing.  But the crazy thing was, as I watched, I wasn’t disappointed in the way West Ham played.  In seasons past, I would see holes open up…no way of moving the ball forward…when it was moved forward, the execution would be off…little to no shots on goal.  When Tevez came on board, watching his first few matches was hard.  He was such a dynamic player and nothing was happening for him.  Last Saturday, however, he was a playmaker.  He was moving the ball, setting things up and looking great.  The payoff was rough.  It was a 4 – nil scoreline at the end of ninety minutes. 

On the larger scale of football, and how the beautiful game relates to life, this match was an important one.  Everyday people all over the world work hard, play fair, fight for what’s right, metaphorically move the ball and make plays, and generally live the best life they can…and the scoreline is often something similar to 4 – nil.  Do we stop living?  No.  Do we stop watching and playing football?  No.  Maybe that’s why the beautiful game is so beautiful.  It’s so much like life…the good parts, the bad parts and all the in between parts.

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All I want for…

How to answer this question.  Snow?  A Dukla Prague Away Kit? http://www.toffs.com/icat/duklaprague  A decent curry?  Peace on Earth?  The possibilities are endless.

The snow is falling in the greater-Pittsburgh area.  Thoughts of all of the above are also on the list.  (Not that I’m a BIG Dukla Prague Supporter, but, c’mon.  Half Man Half Biscuit?  Brilliant.)

In terms of a decent curry I’ve been hearing excellent reports that Tamarind in the South Hills makes some quality dishes.  I’ll have to get on that. 

Indeed, last weekend, the Missus and I had some excellent North Hills curry.  We ended up at the Taj Mahal http://www.tajmahalinc.com/ and had some excellent food.  I forget about that place.  It is quality.  I went with the Daal Makhni and I was not let down.  Lentils cooked with kidney beans.  How can that be bad?  That and a roti and I was in heaven.  As my missus says, the worst part of eating there is having to deal with the North Hills crowd.  Rough necks, all.  Nothing like yinzer chavs, pseudo richy-riches because they reside north of West View.  Gross.  At any rate, the service is always nice, and if you can stand the folks at the table next to you, you’re in for a treat!

I plan on transferring the curry reviews from the old “A Casual Affair” page over here.  In the mean time, and if a decent curry is out of reach, (which it never should be…not in this city anyway…) ruminate on finishing the following… All  I want for…

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