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Oh, That Art…

I came back early from the Soulstice weekend at my friend’s farm, partly because, as much as I love being down there, I dig it more in smaller groups with less neo-pagan dancing around the fire type-stuff.  That said, I’d LOVE to make a Wicker Man down there some time! 


At any rate, one of th eother reasons I came back early was to see a performance by my good friend Rick Gribenas.  Rick is an amazing artist.  Check out some of his stuff here: http://gribenas.com/index.html   


Rick’s performance was a part of an Artists Image Resource benefit.  That space is quite wonderful.  The performancethat Rick did was, in his words, an analogy.  In his brief comments before the piece, he left it pretty much at that…wide open for the punters in the crowd.  I’ve seen quite a few of Rick’s performances over the years.  I’ve had the honor of performing withhim, both in sound collage pieces, and collaboratively when he played with the band I’m in [html].  That said, the piece Rick did on Saturday night was probably the best I’ve seen him ever do.  It was moving, emotive, subtle and beautiful.  It had a musical quality and it possessed a sense of being both synthetic and organic.  His work keeps getting better and better. 

Check out his stuff.


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Happy Soulstice, (Never Trust a Hippie)

There is a soulstice upon us.  No one can refute the fact.  It’s the shortest day of the year, soon, and then we begin the long, slow crawl back to sun drenched (and at the point where three rivers meet) humidity of a summer about eight months from now.  This is science, folks, not hippie crap.  I feel almost as cheated that the so-called “left” of hippie-dom has taken the ideas of any kind of value in the soulstice (and nature for that matter), as I do that the anti-choice crowd has shifted the debate to refute what we all learned in 10th grade health class about what conception is and when “life begins.” (You know, that pesky science that lets us in on the fact that the zygote needs around 2-4 days to make it to the uterus, and how so many times the zygote never makes it…all that.  So the “morning after” has very little to do with it all.)

At any rate, last night I had a soulstice miracle of my own by watching The Wickerman with some friends.  I’m talking about the 1973 version here.  It’s AMAZING.  I am still so blown away by the film.  Discussion of “the old gods” and all…what a way to celebrate the pre Hogswatch (Hogmanay)!  http://www.hogmanay.net/history/faq 

I’m not sure how The Wickerman went under my radar for so long, but I must highly recommend it.  Please, however, make sure that you find the original 1973 version with Edward Woodward, Britt Ekland, Ingrid Pitt and Christopher Lee.  The film really has everything!  It’s wierd and wonderful and creepy and brilliant. 

 I am tired of the hippies getting to have things that are just tradition. 

In other news… 

For inspriration, go here:


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