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fair isle & cricket


A couple of proper bits of cotton from Brooks Bros. Style. Nice business here.


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Lacoste for the Cold

 Nice bit of Lacoste for the cold weather.  They do a treat with V neck cotton sweaters. 

Nice details in the stitching.  These keep the cold out, but are light enough for more than the dead of winter.  They’re good and they make me want to see about the crew neck variety some time!


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Keepin’ Warm RL style

My Missus comes through with some fantastic pieces of gear for me.  A few years ago for X-Mas she got me this Ralph Lauren 1/4 zip.  It’s this burnt orange color. 

Stay warm out there!

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Sometimes I find some good stuff at the Army/Navy Store.  I still wear the fatigue pants from time to time.  The camo patterns can be a bit intense, but the solid green and solid black pants are functional and look right for what they are.  (So many punk rock and hardcore shows…so little time!)

But one thing I’ve found at the Army/Navy Surplus place that has been a real treat are the pullover sweaters.

blogclobber 028

These are great.  Warm, rugged as hell and proper looking. 

blogclobber 029

The shoulder and elbow patches are nice touches.

blogclobber 030

These things last for a loooooong time and look right.

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A Pringle…

blogclobber 022

Years ago I found this Pringle at a thrift store for a few dollars.

blogclobber 021

Classic design.  Brilliant quality.

blogclobber 019

What you want in a classic piece, scored for next to nothing.

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1/4 Zip Brooks…

I really had my eye on something like this for a long time.  I found something like this on the cheap at an outlet last summer.  Fall weather makes it ready to wear.  This is a Brooks Brothers “supima cotton” 1/4 zip pullover.  The supima thing is Brooks Brothers “super” pima cotton.  This is SO SOFT and well made. 

blogclobber 001

Good details.

blogclobber 002

blogclobber 003

This is a classic looking, stylish piece that is quality.


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