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Pinhead Gunpowder

I haven’t done a tea post on here in quite a while, so I thought I’d mention a tea that I have recently gotten back in to after quite a lag.  Pinhead Gunpowder!  Aside from having one of the coolest names ever, it’s a delicious green tea that really works well by itself.  I’m sure it’s great with things, but I tend to enjoy it as a stand alone.  Also, I generally drink it no cream…which is a bit odd for me.  I tend to save the soy cream for the back tea.

Pinhead Gunpowder is said to have a “smokey” taste, but I’ve never really gotten too much of that.  The name derives from the way the leaves are rolled.  Years ago, apparently, an English clerk who was importing the stuff said it looked like small bundles of gunpowder.  Thus the name was born.  My favorite description of the taste of this tea is “It’s a thinking person’s tea.”  Agreed. 

(Please excuse the edge of my Pirates 1979 World Series Champs Pennant in the background.)

I picked this up at the East End Food Co Op in Pittsburgh, PA.  They do a pretty good selection of bulk wares.  I’ve never been let down by their Pinhead Gunpowder, either.

Drink up.



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Brief Tea Post…

I’ve been hitting two kinds of tea lots lately and I thought I’d mention it.  One is corporate, one is not.

I’ve been on the lemon-zinger tip a lot lately.  Perhaps it’s the heat of the summer, but that lemon and rose hip combo is REFRESHING, son, for reals.   I usually do it up with one lump.

My second choice is Jamaican Rum Tea.  I usually get mine from the Co-Op.  I know Adagio does a blend, but it looks pretty busy. I’m sure it’s wonderful, as most of their tea is.  At any rate, my Jamaican Rum Tea jam is also a one lump affair.  This tea works well in colder months as well.  It’s oddly refreshing in the hot and warming and comforting in the cold.  I drink both of these soy-cream free. 

Summer 08 … it’s all about the refreshing hot tea.  Full clout – I’m out.


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You’ll have had your tea, then?

It’s been a while since I talked tea here, so I reckoned it was time.  Anyone who lives in Pittsburgh, the City of Champions, knows that the Spring time…apart from those odd weeks of heat and sun…is perfect tea time.  It’s cool, and a little rainy, and nothing takes the edge off like a proper cuppa.  So on this beautiful morning, as the strains of the brilliant Jobriath fill my ears, I offer you, gentle reader, my tea selections for the Spring and early Summer of 2008:



Twinnings makes some great tea.  Their loose varieies are especially nice.  At the top of the list for me is The Prince Of Wales Tea.  It’s a standard black tea, with a full, but not overpowering taste.  Since I’m off sugar in my tea (the doctor has me frightened out of my mind about getting that sugar-beetus), I prefer this brewed with alittle soy milk or (even better) soy creamer.


PG Tips is another standard tea.  this is a proper go to for me for an afternoon pick-me-up.  The triangular bags are a nice touch.  It only takes about 3 minutes of steeping to get a perfect cup.  Again, a little soy creamer, and you’re in heaven.



Adagio Teas do amore artesinal kind of tea blend. Their Earl Grey Bravo is no exception.  Note the photo below and the chunks of orange zest:

I find this to be at once a strong tea, but surprisingly light and subtle, if that makes sense.  I mean that the bergamot is delecate in flavor and that there is a floral overtone to this tea.  I’m a fan, on the advice of my man Jim (aka the Youth), to mix half Earl grey and half Lapsang Souchong.  That smokey strong flavor works well with an Earl Grey.

There you have it.  Go drink up.  

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