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Snow Boundish

The snow has come, and with it a chance to slow down.  Some of it is too much.  Many roads still need plowed, but the region is bracing for another storm.  Because of that, I’m hunkered down.  Opting to keep another car off the streets, I walked to the grocery today.  It was about 4 miles round trip, but in the deep ass snow, with a backpack of groceries, it seemed like a bit more.  Plus, I ended up helping push a minivan out of the snow.  That made for a much more exercise than I planned on!  No work for a few days (which is brilliant), but worries over the power going off is a pain. 

With wintering in for the last 2 1/2 days there have been a few pleasures.  One has been getting more and more into my winter time X-Files obsession.  We’re into season 3 and it keeps getting better and better.  I love everything from the kind of cheesy jokes and one liners, to the overarching themes of the whole program.  It’s pretty amazing.  That combined with getting to look at Gillian Anderson is a WIN//WIN.

So brilliant. 



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Television distractions…

I’ve found myself catching more Seinfeld than usual.  I’ve always been a fan to some extent.  I still think that there are two things from that show that are absolutely brilliant:

1.) When, referring to Columbus, Jerry says “Columbus… pfffft.  Eurotrash.”

2.) When Elaine, while discussing her boyfriend wearing fur says something to the extent of “Pro-fur, anti-fur…I just don’t want to be seen with someone who looks like an idiot.”

Brilliant.  Indeed.  


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