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Of Running, The US Open, And Insects

As I mentioned before, the last few days, and the next few weeks, are a very busy time for me.  So much so, I can’t really make a whole lot of time for posting stuff on here.  I am, however, interested in mentioning a few things.  I am very happy that Murray beat Nadal at the US Open.  It’s nice to see a Brit in the finals.  I know Nadal is ranked #1 in the World, I simply don’t enjoy watching him play.  I prefer Federer or Murray.  How nice, then, that the final is Federer v. Murray?  I win!

This weekend I made time for two runs, one Saturday and one Sunday.  I did them at roughly the same time each day (around 4-30pm).  I’ll know that a Saturday run at than time is a pain, because the Catholic Church is getting out from the Saturday afternoon/early evening Mass and it’s mad to navigate the traffic.  At any rate, I did something I haven’t done in a long time in that I wore a watch and timed the run.  My route is 3.2 miles (a 5K), which I plotted out using the odometer in the Ford.  Nice.  I ran the Run Around The Square in 34:33.  I did BOTH of my runs this weekend faster than that… in the SAME time each day!  Odd?  I thought so.  I did 30:30 each day!  I cut 4 minutes off of my time from my first race.  Nuts.  I’m pretty excited about it, though.  Now, I just have to add a mile or so to the route.

In completely different news, I am totally obsessed with the sounds of the insects at night.  All summer it has been wonderful.  Give it some attention tonight.  You won’t be disappointed.



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