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Unseen Academicals

I recently finished the new Terry Pratchett novel Unseen Academicals. Really wonderful stuff.  I am really happy that the man is still going strong.  This novel is one of the finest. 


Check THIS out.  It’s the publisher page for the book with a sweet video of the author.  Excellent stuff. 



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Some news…

I just read that one of my favorite authors, Terry Pratchett, has been diagnosed with a rare form of early onset Alzheimer’s disease.  It’s strange to have such an emotional response to someone I’ve never met, but I almost feel like a member of my family is going through this.  If that sounds over-dramatic, I’m sorry.  Think of the art that moves you and how you feel about the people who make it…even the ones you don’t know.  Reading Pratchett’s wonderful work over the years has given me at least some insight into some aspects of his creativity.  Maybe my reaction is partly because of that.  I actually called my wife at work to tell her when I read the news. 

But, as Pratchett himself is saying of the situation,   he’s not dead yet.  Indeed, he’s still working on two books!  Amazing.  Talk about inspiration. 
Keep moving. 
Keep working. 
Keep fighting.
Keep living.


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