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Of Wellies, WATCHMEN and Convicting Convictions

Ahhhh, a decent pair of Wellies!  That’s been on my mind today for sure.  As soon as work is over, I’m out to the super discount place to see if I can score a pair on the double quick cheap.  It’s all about quick chores in the garden,taking out the trash and recycle,  getting mail, etc.  I like the idea of a proper Wellie for winter time like I like the idea of a proper clog for summer time.

In my attempt to acquaint myself with graphic novels I’m currently reading WATCHMEN.  Apparently this book is a big deal.  It’s interesting, because as I approach the middle of the book i see what the big deal is and I am certainly enthralled by it…I’m just wondering how GOOD it really is.  That may not make sense, but I suppose that to qualify “good” and “bad” in terms of art is always a bit dodgy…especially when the art in question carries with it the baggage of being a graphic novel.  I will say, it’s interesting and Mr. Alan Moore likes to write stuff that seems to push the boundaries of the genre. 

That said, opinions seem best when continually questioned, pressured and put against new information.  I am therefore consistently surprised when my opinions remain the same on things.  Shifting is getting rare.  I wonder if it’s just because I’m a cantankerous old man who is too hard headed to change, or if what I think still washes after all these years.

I’m tempted to think it’s a mix of both.

Pittsburgh heat wave!  it’s in the upper 20s!!!



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