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Employer // Employee Pathology

Andrew Young.  Former staffer to US Presidential hopeful John Edwards.  New allegation recently surfaced about a plan Edwards had for Young.  Here is the situation…Edwards gets with this woman, a film producer for his campaign called Hunter.  Ms. Hunter and Edwards have this affair.  What blows my mind about this…especially as regards Staffer Andrew Young, is that Edwards impregnated Hunter…THEN tells Andrew Young to claim the kid as his.  !!!!!?????

What kind of insane pathology leads to this kind of thing?  I have NEVER liked a boss enough to do something like that.  This goes beyond loyalty…especially inan employer//employee relationship.  It smacks of exploitation, pure and simple.  There is an air of “Do this for me…or else…” about it.  I have no evidence of it, but come on.  We’re all adults here.  Why would Young do this except under the promise of great reward or under threat of job termination?  I can not imagine forgetting that to be employed to someone is to sells your labor to them.  It’s business.  Ideology clouds that often…and coersion from multiple angles…but the truth remains…if you have a job…you are selling your labor. 

It’s things like this that make me realize more and more that Bosses Day is every day.  Be careful out there.


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The Working Life…

Work is going full steam ahead.  For the next 5 weeks, I basically have two full time jobs.  this means I’m in for a WHOLE LOT of commuting, one day that starts at 11am and ends at 10 pm and another that starts at 8:30am and ends at 10pm.  My mantra is “five weeks.”  Really it’s not so bad.  When I’m not working I find myself not thinking about work because I’m using the time to DO something else, which is nice.  Oddly enough, footy practice on Wednesday nights has not been disrupted by the schedule change.  It was because of this that I found myself, on an early September evening earlier this week…the summer sun setting and a warm evening approaching…driving home listening to The Clash way too loud thinking to myself how very good it all is.  Indeed.

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Of Work Runs, Demolition and Coffee…

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything here.  Those days have been busy ones.  My new work schedule has lent to some creative ways to spend time.  The whole reality of working a so-called split shift is kind of rough.  IF I come all the way home to do anything I have precious little time to do it in.  I am amazed at daytime traffic in the city of Pittsburgh.  With summer construction season in full swing, a normal 25 minute drive turns into an hour.

That being the case, I did my first run at work during my long afternoon break yesterday.  It was hot hot hot, but really lovely.  New terrain is always interesting to run on, so new hills and such gave me an overall interesting and rewarding experience.  Plus, new scenery was a great time, too! I don’t really ever get bored when running, but it is nice to mix up the landscape every now and again.  Being unfamiliar with the terrine and the cobbled together route, I clocked in at just under 25 minutes.  That’s a bit short compared to my normal run, but at least I got something in, right?

The photos of the steps next to my house elsewhere on here are woefully inadequate as of yesterday.  The borough had decided that the steps had to go.  They contracted with a company to get them out and an odd thing happened.  Last Wednesday demo started.  The crew worked for about 1/2 to 3/4 of the day and stopped.  They set up a bunch of orange traffic barrels around the large earth mover/back hoe thing they used to destroy the first 7 or so steps.  Then…nothing happened.  Nobody came back, nobody did any work, and the yellow caution tape was soon ripped down by the neighbors.  Then the massive and rough looking / smelling dead possum showed up.  By Tuesday of this week the dead dude was rank in the heat and looked horrible.  I called the borough twice that day to get someone out here to do something.  In my call I mentioned that nobody had worked on demolishing the steps in a week.  Wednesday morning at 7 a whole work crew was here and the rest of the job got done (including dead possum removal).  Again, today, more work at the site finishing up the job. 
When Hux and I lived at our old house we had roots in the water pipes.  The landlord had a company come and take care of it.  He asked us to call him if they didn’t do work any day, because apparently part of the contract was the price of a few hundred dollars a day for their earth mover to be “on site.”  I wonder if this company had a similar deal and I unwittingly ended a juicy government contract for the company?

Working more, as I have been, I realize that my coffee intake has skyrocketed (No lie, I actually typed that last line with one finger while sipping more coffee.  True.)  It’s great for most of the day, but sometimes on super coffee days the acidic properties get more intense than I would like, so I back off.  I’m still rocking the Merrakesh Express (mentioned elsewhere in this blog) with an occasional cup of work swill.  It’s made in one of those blasted BUN coffee makers that people are so excited about.  Ugh.  Those cups are few and far between, thankfully.

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