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Employer // Employee Pathology

Andrew Young.  Former staffer to US Presidential hopeful John Edwards.  New allegation recently surfaced about a plan Edwards had for Young.  Here is the situation…Edwards gets with this woman, a film producer for his campaign called Hunter.  Ms. Hunter and Edwards have this affair.  What blows my mind about this…especially as regards Staffer Andrew Young, is that Edwards impregnated Hunter…THEN tells Andrew Young to claim the kid as his.  !!!!!?????

What kind of insane pathology leads to this kind of thing?  I have NEVER liked a boss enough to do something like that.  This goes beyond loyalty…especially inan employer//employee relationship.  It smacks of exploitation, pure and simple.  There is an air of “Do this for me…or else…” about it.  I have no evidence of it, but come on.  We’re all adults here.  Why would Young do this except under the promise of great reward or under threat of job termination?  I can not imagine forgetting that to be employed to someone is to sells your labor to them.  It’s business.  Ideology clouds that often…and coersion from multiple angles…but the truth remains…if you have a job…you are selling your labor. 

It’s things like this that make me realize more and more that Bosses Day is every day.  Be careful out there.


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“Big Plans…BIG Plans…”

**Yes, that’s a little Mountain Goats reference for you…I’ve been getting into the Ghana CD recently…old stuff, but new to me!  Excellent!**

Tonight I’m off to see Billy Bragg in the lovely Happy Valley…State College, Penna.  Expect a review to follow.  I am very, very excited!

I love how British media label people’s actions as extreme in headlines, when they are in no way all that intense.  Example?  The British press said England cap. Rio Ferdinand ripped the public a new one about the booos at the World Cup qualifier vs.  Kazakhstan.  Ferdinand’s comments?  Something along the lines of “I really don’t think they should have done that.”  Amazing.  Likewise, the following caught my eye this morning: *Click Here* You’ll see opposition Tory leader David Cameron supposedly “slamming” and “attacking” Gordon Brown’s economic policies…AND you get to read about how Labor called this so-called attack “juvenile.”  It’s pretty entertaining. 

I fear, however, that after 8 years of that bonehead in office in the US, I am completely and utterly numb to decent, relevant political discourse.  Perhaps the way Cameron speaks in that video IS “slamming” the other party and I don’t recognize it anymore.  I hope not. 

At any rate, i get to see Billy Bragg tonight!  I’m sure I’ll get an ear full of his take on the recent economic issues.  Report to follow.  Over and out.

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